April 15, 2022

How to create a wedding moodboard for all your bridal concepts in 2023

Guest Contributor 

Lets face it, planning a wedding is stressful! 

After the engagement celebrations calm down 🥂 and you finally get used to having a ring on your finger 💍 what next? Time to start planning of-course, or procrastinating in my case!

With soooo many things to consider, the rings, the cake, the shoes, the venue, the theme, the colour scheme and not to forget the all important dress, one can easily become overwhelmed. 

As this is my first (and hopefully last wedding), I was new to the moodboarding process and using a moodboard maker, so understanding how it all worked was really helpful. If you’re looking to make a strictly fashion moodboard, see here.

In summary:

  • Creating a moodboard is the best way to visualise all your key ideas and themes
  • Making sure you understand where you want to get married, the theme and the colors are crucial parts of your process
  • I created this wedding moodboard template to help speed up the process for you

wedding moodboard inspiration
A sneak peak of what I put together

🤔 Why moodboard?

Creating a wedding moodboard allows you clearly communicate your vision to all those who will be involved in the moodboarding process, think wedding planners, venues, florists, cake makers, photographers, caterers, make up artists… 

Having a strong concept, colour palette and overall aesthetic set out in your moodboard will ensure all involved remain on the same page throughout the planning process, and will help avoid any miscommunication of concepts. You can use Make the Dot's new feature of being able to share your board via a public link, to help with this. 

Should you feel that your significant other needs to be involved in the moodboarding process you can share your board with them, and allow them to provide feedback (yeah, right)

So where to start?

Disclaimer: I am not the most creative person in the world. However, Make the Dot has made the process of creating a wedding moodboard so easy, I feel like a pro! 

Step 1 :

Preform some cursory online searches of key words such as wedding/wedding inspo and take it from there - this should allow you to see a variety of different weddings, why not try adding in words such as traditional, alternative, destination and bohemian to expand the search. 

This should help you establish a few crucial elements:

  • Do you wanted to get married at home or abroad?
  • Which season do you plan on getting married in?
  • Would you prefer a more modest or lavish affair?
  • Are you wanting an intimate or grand wedding?
  • Should the vibe be formal or relaxed?

Obviously not forgetting considerations such as budgets, timescales, family and friends, which may (or may not) influence your wedding. 

Step 2 : 

Start saving images 📸. Pick an image you like, hover over it and click the purple Make the Dot ‘save’ icon - it’s as simple as that. 

Don’t forget you’re not limited just to google, instagram or Pinterest searches, you can upload images straight from your camera roll, simply select the upload button on the right hand side, select the image you want to be included in your wedding moodboard and voila.

This is super handy for you’re out and about and something catches your eye 👀 

Wedding moodboard example with whites, blues and pinks
Saving images fast with Make the Dot

With Make the Dot's moodboard generator you’re not limited to one moodboard, why not make several smaller moodboards for each key aspect of the day? Just think a whole moodboard dedicated to dresses, ahh the dream 💭

It may be ideal to have a moodboard dedicated solely to venues, dresses, cakes 🎂

Step 3 : 

Review and edit, once you’ve gathered all the inspiration you can handle, it’s time to narrow it down. Pick a few images from each key aspect of the day and add them into your main moodboard. Is there anything in your moodboard aesthetic that jumps out? Do all the images convey the same message or theme, or are they dis-jointed? 

Hopefully, now you should have some consistency across the mood, style and tones. You can use the colour function on the right hand side to pick colours from Pantone and add them directly onto your board. Alternatively, you can use the eyedropper function to match colours directly to images already saved on your board - this should help keep consistency. 

Step 4 : 

Start contacting vendors. Now you have a clear vision and the perfect way to communicate it to others you’re ready to start organising and planning the big day - sorry we can’t help you with this. Make sure you share the link with all those who need access, for tips on how to do this see here.

Wedding moodboard example and inspiration
Creating the wedding moodboard was the least stressful part of the day

And don’t forget you can update the board as often as you like, so why not take pictures once you’ve viewed a venue add to the board and see how it fits? Take some photos of flowers at the florist, are these in keeping with other aesthetic elements? 

For more information tips and tricks on planning a wedding check out - Confessions of a Wedding Planner

Wishing you all the best on your big day✌️✌️

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