February 22, 2022

New Feature Release - Create a Board for Every Idea

Emilie Ho
Emilie Ho

Release for 27 Oct 2021

This week we have introduced the ability to create as many boards as you'd like in Make the Dot! 🎉  (and obviously to remove them in case you no longer want them in your home dashboard). On top of that, we have also improved the way your collaborators can discover your comments.

Create unlimited fashion moodboards

We know you have many creative ideas to share so thank you for being patient with us so far! Starting from today, you can finally create any many boards as you want - all you need to do is to select "Create new board" from your home dashboard!

Create a new fashion moodboard from homescreen
Unlimited fashion moodboard alert

Made a mistake? No problem, just delete the moodboard

Easy to delete boards
Easy to delete

Auto turn on Show Comments when you leave your first comment

As soon as you leave your first comment, we'll turn on Show Comments to let you know which cards have comments at a glance - this way when you invite a Reviewer to your board to collaborate, there's less of a learning curve for them to leave you feedback!

Other small improvements...

  • At any time, when you complete the tutorial from the demo board, we will bring you either to a new board (if you've never created one) or to the latest board that you were working on #LearnAtYourOwnTime
  • Long comments are no longer overlapping with the comment thread behind
  • You can now completely remove all the descriptions on your images - just a small fix so that you can get rid of the "Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 2.14.18 PM.png" as a description

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