Textile Color Palettes

Create color palettes in a number of ways, all within your design canvas
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Color research made simple

Leave behind searching for Pantone codes and their nearest conversion online. Extract, convert, or create colors in a number of  ways, without leaving your canvas

Build color palettes directly from your inspirations with our Eyedropper

Eyedropper tool on Make the Dot to easily extract colors from your inspiration images

1-click conversion to Pantone textile colors

HEX and RGB to Pantone conversion on Make the Dot

Pick colors the
familiar way

Directly from the color picker or with HEX and RGB search
Color picker on Make the Dot

Search in your own words or in color codes

Color search on Make the Dot using natural language and Pantone code
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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from the designers who have been using Make the Dot for their color research
Using @makethedot has made it so much easier for me to keep track of the color palettes that I'm using in my design projects! The details like Hex code and RGB are captured in one place - so when I have to make edits or create modified versions, it is easier for me to find all my design specs in one mood board!
Rekha Krishnamurthi
My mood board made with @makethedot is way better than keynote and has instant access to all pantone textile colors
Adrina Fanore
The colour palette is really good and something that isn't available in other tools. Thats the best feature. Just the ability to have all my colours and codes displayed in front of me will save a lot of time
Sam Duffield
Arranging the colour pallet next to the photo cards gives me a clear idea of where I took the photo and where I got inspiration from. This allows me to connect the dots.
Victor Abby-Hart
In this tutorial you can see how I select colors from the @makethedot built in Pantone library. This is very beneficial, as designers must have a specific Pantone name and code number for each color. You can also see how I am able to pick colors from images on my mood board and translate them into a Pantone.
Terrance Cook
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