March 27, 2022

New Feature Release - Generate public share links for your boards

Emilie Ho
Emilie Ho

Release for 25 Mar

Public Share Link

We have just introduced a new way of sharing your board via a public link. This means that the person receiving the link can view your board without needing to sign up for a Make the Dot account.

Create public share link on board
Public share link

This would be handy for one-off collaborators, such as photographers, make-up artists, clients, or suppliers.

Quick Tip: if you think the collaborator needs to view the images in detail, download the images or comment, invite them as a Reviewer instead.

Bonus: if you're on your computer right now, feel free to check out this public board that I created so you can get an idea of how a public board would look. We're working on making it look nice on mobile next.

I had a ton of fun making it. Hope it gives you a little boost of positivity!

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