Collaborative Design Canvas

Collect, organize and communicate your concepts, together as a team
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Collaborative canvas on Make the Dot for fashion team collaboration
Collect Inspirations

Gather inspirations easily, at scale

Use your favorite sources of inspirations - be it Vogue, Pinterest or Tumblr. Instantly save them to your board as you browse the internet using our Chrome Extension. All images are automatically highlighted on your canvas and source links are saved for you to reference later.

Collection inspirations at scale using Make the Dot's Chrome Extension
Source Fabrics

Design with the fabrics in mind

Instead of sourcing the fabric weeks after your initial design and having to constantly change your concept, design with fabrics in mind from day one. Source from thousands of fabrics, all shipping low quantities in the US.

Source fabrics directly within Make the Dot's collaborative canvas
Build Color Palettes

Color research your way, every way

Keep track of your color research in one place and leverage your reference images to build color palettes. Need to communicate with a manufacturer? Simply convert your colors to a Pantone textile color code.

Build color palettes and convert pantone color codes on Make the Dot
Organize & Communicate

Tools to help you express yourself

Our infinite canvas supports mouse, trackpad, keyboard shortcut actions - the easiest way to create concept boards to express your ideas through texts, colors and imagery.

Organize your ideas and communicate your concept on Make the Dot

Collaborate and get feedback without leaving your canvas

Collaborating in real-time on a video call and make edits together is as easy as working as a remote team. Get instant feedback on your designs without having to go through any email threads.

Invite collaborators to design together in real time on Make the Dot
Collect inspiration using Make the Dot's chrome extensionSource fabrics directly from Make the Dot's collaborative canvas and buy fabric swatchesBuild color palettes using the eyedropper and pantone conversion on Make the DotOrganize your ideas on the infinite canvas of Make the DotInvite a collaborate on Make the Dot for design reviews and get instant feedback

Where visualization and flexibility,  meets organization

Fashion teams deserve better than long email threads and fragmented tools. Collaborate to create moodboards and concepts in real-time, together as a team.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A range of useful shortcuts to make your workflow more productive


Frames with different sizes and orientations to structure your ideas

Spread Out

1-click rearrangement to tidy up the selected cards on your board

Display Unit Conversion

Apply an app-wide display preference for weight and width units

Download and export

Download high-definition board exports or a zip of all individual images

Bulk card edits

Rotate, resize and change the layers of one or all of your cards at once
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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from the amazing designers who have been using Make the Dot
Being to re-arrange boards is a game changer for prioritization. You can even make hero prints with your supporting designs.
Dana Batho
I initially compared @makethedot to Pinterest, which was a mistake because it’s very different. With Make the Dot, I can create clean-looking boards quickly and easily, without getting bogged down with the overwhelming Canvas options.
Bex Morley
I can’t rave enough about how @makethedot is the perfect solutions for fashion teams looking to streamline their creative process. I can create amazing looking moodboards easily, and share that inspiration with clients (who add their own ideas) and get their feedback.  I also love an ideating tool, where I can collect all my images and clippings and organize them quickly, without changing software.
Astrid Hanenkamp
I’ve loved the opportunity to try @makethedot :) I love the infinite canvas. The board is so much bigger when I zoom out. It's easy to use on my desktop and to eye drop colours from photos 🥰
Danielle Mah
I like that I can choose which cards and sections of the board I share, so my collaborators don't see things I don't want them to see.
Asya Ter-Hovakimyan
I like how everything is in one place, which we don't have now. To be able to group and share certain cards would save so much time.  I like the commenting. Its like a checkbox for each card.
Kyle Ho
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