October 13, 2022

5 fashion trends for SS23 from Paris & London Fashion Week

Theren Moodley
Theren Moodley
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Summer 2022 may have only just ended, and everyone in the west will have their winter wardrobe out, but that shouldn’t stop us from longing for sunnier times, getting an early start on 2023, and diving into what will be the biggest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2023.

But, where to start? 🧐

  • What will be fashion in 2023?
  • What fashion era is coming back in 2023?
  • What is the Pantone colour for 2023?

The recent fashion shows in September gave us all a good idea of what to expect, and what 2023 fashion trends we should be planning for Spring-Summer ☀️

In summary we saw:

  • 🕴🏽 Tailoring and smart-wear made a return
  • 🪖 Silhouettes that combined both hard, and soft edges
  • 😶 The continuation of androgynous clothing and gender neutral norms
  • 👩‍🎤 Highlighter inspired colour palettes that channelled our inner neon-punk
Gender neutral suits for SS23
SS23 will be bright, comfy and neutral

Read on for an insight into the hottest looks and fashion trends for 2023.

I’ve also written a series of blogs highlighting the trending patterns, prints and fabrics for 2023, if you’d like to skip to a more in-depth analysis.

Ready? Let's go 👇

👨🏾‍✈️ The return of tailoring

One of the defining themes of Italian luxury from Milan Fashion Week SS23 was an embracing return of tailoring that, after the pandemic norms of causal wear and athleisure threatened to make more dapper attire obsolete.

However, it wasn’t just a full return to the skinny fits and cuts of a pre-covid age, with the Italian fashion houses leading the way in tailoring for 2023 fashion trends that rely more on casual fits and comforting feels.

What’s been clear for a while now is that Gen-Z and Millennials have taken elements of formal wear and incorporated them into everyday looks. The blazer has now become a necessity and strong outerwear alternative, while trousers are becoming a casual substitute for jeans 👖

Gucci & Bottega Veneta suits for milan fashion week
Gucci & Bottega Veneta lead the way for the Italian fashion houses at Milan Fashion Week for SS23

But does this mean that another fashion era is coming back for Sprint Summer 2023? As we have seen with 00s attire 🧐

In tailoring, the 2023 fashion trends appear to be bringing back more casual and comfortable cuts from the 80’s and 90’s, such as oversized jackets and wide leg pants.

Italian luxury meets Tony Soprano vibes?

Italian luxury Goliaths Gucci and Bottega Veneta in particular have embraced these cuts during Milan Fashion Week SS23 for 2023 fashion trends, parring the classic 80s double breasted jacket, with wider leg cuts and creamier hues.

When it comes to suiting, it seems that tailoring is here to stay 🤙🏾

🍦 Hard with soft edges

Previewing our next section looking at the continued blurring of gender norms, one of the biggest fashion trends for 2023 we saw at London Fashion Week was menswear that combined harder cuts with softer edges.

We saw bomber jackets became accentuated with puffy shoulders, track bottoms cut in soft cream satin, and embellished with floral motifs 🌹

Paria Farazaneh in particular caught everyone's eye in London, with her designs that showed a softer side to menswear for the fashion trends of 2023.

Her SS23 collection paid homage to her Iranian roots and had fits that combined elements of grandma's lace curtain cutouts, gilets and work pants that were worn with indoor slippers and blue shorts that came with extended layers for had a ready-to-hike feel.

Paria Farazaneh's collection at LFW
Paria Farazaneh's collection spoke to her Iranian roots

Plays on bold geometry and texture is a Spring Summer 2023 fashion trend we’ve explored before and it’s super exciting to see elements of this from the summer trade shows make their way into actual designs and collections for 2023 🎉

🥻 Rewriting gender norms

What will be fashion in 2023?

For certain it will involve outfits that are gender androgynous spread across almost all product categories.

From formalwear to footwear, we are seeing more and more brands embracing new gender norms, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down for 2023 fashion trends 💨

Designers such as Peter Do and No Sesso set the tone for the season with unisex tailoring that could be worn by anyone on the street.

Long gone are the days of fitted tailoring as the resurgence of boxy blazers and voluminous overlays take over the runway. Traditional formal menswear archetypes have collided with feminine motifs such as sleeve cuts, black slits, and cinched waists, creating an all-around androgynous aesthetic 🤭

Thom Browne continued this fashion trend for 2023 by creating a tailoring ensemble that featured subverted traditions with a pleated kilt. Blazers arrived in a range of pastel colours with structures that did not conform to the traditional suiting concept.

Last but by no means least our very own Kyle Ho debuted his very first collection at Paris Fashion week, which was a clear shift away from this more male oriented collections to something more gender neutral ❤️

Kyle Ho's collection for Paris Fashion Week
Kyle Ho's collection for Paris Fashion Week

His collection combined fits and cuts that could be worn by both sexes, with pastel colours that in theory fit a more feminine color palette.

We’re proud of Kyle for leading the way in this Spring Summer 2023 fashion trend, and can’t wait to see what he creates next 🥳

👗 Skirts to the max

The fashion industry and menswear have had an interesting relationship with men in skirts hasn't it 🙃

The Romans wore them in battle, the Earls wore them to court, The Scottish still wear them at ceremonial occasions, and the Sri Lankans wear them almost daily 🇱🇰

More than a fashion trend for Spring Summer 2023, men wearing skirts have been a key part of human history, which appears to be finally returning to the mainstream.

A few of the skirts spotted at Paris Fashion week
A few of the skirts spotted at Paris Fashion Week

Regarding what we spotted during fashion week for 2023 fashion trends, Stefan Cooke’s 360-degree hemmed denim maxi skirts were a take on the noughties’ love for teeny tiny denim mini skirts but were instead elongated to confuse the eye as it could be mistaken as a pair of jorts or jeans.

This was echoed by Simone Rocha’s men’s debut, who wove her signature folds of fabric in neutral tones into androgynous codes, creating a softer side to menswear.

This 2023 fashion trend has already made its way to Hollywood with everyone from, Brad Pitt to Oscar Isaacs donning the skirt to their respective film premieres 🎞

Like gender neutral norms, this fashion trend shows no sign of slowing down in Spring Summer 2023, which begs the question.

How long before skirts become a common sight on men in our local bars, restaurants and high street? 👀

🎽 High-vis hues

When people ask what are the fashion colours for 2023? I will often think bright, neon, highlighter hues are a sure fashion trend for 2023.

Bold neon looks rocked the catwalks and street styles during fashion month, with even the normally fairly refined Ann Hathaway spotted in barbiecore aesthetic at the Valentino show in Rome back in June 💕

Neon runway shows in Milan fashion week
Some high-vis looks that caught our eye for SS23

Robin Lynche’s SS23 collection at London Fashion week was a key testament of this, creating a kaleidoscope of colour that played on Irish design tones, beginning with a vivid, firetruck red, loud, reflective pants meet sleeveless cable-knit sweaters that pay respect to traditional Irish tailoring, while graphic T-shirts, loose-fitting turtlenecks and oversized hoodies contrast shorts and fitted bottoms throughout the first seven looks 🚒

One could argue that Valentino in particular has led this fashion trend for 2023, with Valentino Pink a good early contender for Pantone colour of the year 2023.

The brand has certainly pushed it’s pink collections this summer and partnered up with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton to launch their own Valentino Pink collection back in the earlier part of the year 💖

Is this colour trend a simple case of everyone playing catch-up to a trend well set by Valentino, or are their other trends at play here driving these fashion colours for Spring Summer 2023?

After all, we're seeing a general return to the bright patterns and prints of the 90s and 00s, so this would fit in with that aesthetic.

What do you think?

What’s your favourite looks from this year's fashion shows?

What would you like to read next?

Get in touch and let us know.

Until next time.

Keeping making those dots 🤙🏾

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