July 13, 2022

Summer 2022 fashion shows - the trends straight from the runway

Theren Moodley
Theren Moodley
A decade's worth of fashion experience across; product design, development, sourcing & logistics

With the summer circus, I mean fashion roadshow in full swing, it's be a good time to take a pause and recap on what’s gone on so far, and what we expect for the rest of the runway season.

We’ve seen crossovers, homages and the level of pettiness you’d expect from fashion brands 🏎

I’ve also added some moodboard examples, if you’d like to visualise some of the big fits that were featured, and add them to your own moodboards.

In summary:

  • Fashion colors for 2023 - Purple, yellow and pink all played huge parts in the shows, which means they are likley to be trending colors into 2023
  • Styles which will be popular in 2023 - Sturdy wool blazers over flowy, flared trousers, “Accessomorphosis,” that morphed accessories into garments, and tie-dye jackets covered in multi-colored shearling pockets all seem to be trends into 2023
  • The fashion trend forecast for 2022/2023 - Patterns, prints and big flowing fits will be definite items to watch into 2023

Read on below to explore a little more👇

🙌 Louis Vuitton- the homage

The season kicked off with a bang, with Louis Vuitton paying it’s final tribute to the late, great Virgil Abloh, in its June.

A fitting farewell deserved a fitting venue and LV didn’t disappoint, hosting the show in of all places, the Louvre and containing key 2023 fashion trends in its collection for next year.

Next up was Kendrick Lamar, wearing a 137 carat Tiffany crown of thrones, while performing throughout the show.

If this was an early indicator on the  fashion trend forecast for 2022/2023, then 2023 has a lot to look forward to 💎

Kenndrick Lamar x Jesus Christ
Kendrick Lamar x JC

Fit wise, the tribute show was designed by Abloh's studio team and was classic Virgil.

Sturdy wool blazers over flowy, flared trousers, “Accessomorphosis,” that morphed accessories into garments, and tie-dye jackets covered in multi-colored shearling pockets 🧥

Side note, one of our community members was at the show, and in order to blend into the background got given a custom LV t-shirt, that they got to keep after. Not jealous at all.....

If you’d like to check out my moodboard, including some of my favourite fits (not that I can afford any), I’ve linked that here.

Looks like we're not the only ones in purple this summer

It was a fitting farewell to a man who morphed the worlds largest fashion house to his own image, while bringing it forward in the process.

He'll be missed.

👽 Balenciaga- crossover continues

There's not a more talked about brand in the in the world at the moment. Fact.

Starting with last summer’s Simpsons’s collab and foray into the metaverse on Time Square, Balenciaga continue to push out the boat and grab the worlds attention, with this year being no different 🥽

Balenciaga once showed us that predicting the fashion trend forecast for 2022/2023 is no easy feat when they keep changing the game.

The talking point in this years collection was undoubtedly their Alien inspired helmet couture, worn by no other than Kim Kardashian, obviously.

Designed and built in partnership with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team, the $6,000 face-shield “Is engineered to optimize [air] flow, improve performance metrics, and ensure a stabilized CO2 intake”.

Perfect for a night on the runway........

Balenciaga x Alien post from Instagram
Highsnobiety called it best, did any of you have Alien on your fashion design moodboard this summer?

Is this going to be a 2023 fashion trend?

Let's cross our fingers and hope not...

💕 Valentino - prettier in pink

Now onto my favourite show of the summer and one that featured an early contender for the fashion colours for 2023.

The show was, as amazing as you’d expect from Valentino in 2022 👚

Bright, flowy, pink, and filled with heritage, taking place on the Spanish Steps in Rome, a short distance from where it all began for the Italian fashion house 🇮🇹

Anne Hathaway in particular caught the worlds attention by channelling her inner barbie for the evening.

However, the aftermath of the show drew almost as much attention as the show itself, with Dior claiming $100,000 in damages from the event, as it apparently lead to a drop in footfall to their nearby boutique.

This, despite the fact that the show was green lighted by all the businesses close by month before going ahead🙈

A few pieces from that collection on my fashion design moodboard below👇

Valentino FW22 in Rome
Bright colours and beautiful backdrops for FW22

🌞 Summer’s heating up

The season is only half way through, but we’re already seeing some pretty big fashion trends throughout the season that give us an early fashion trend forecast for 2022/2023.

  • Patterns
  • Prints
  • Big flowing fits
  • Pastel colours like light purple and pink 😉

Let’s see what the rest of the season has to offer.

What's your feel on the looks this summer?

What do you think will be the fashion trend forecast for 2022/2023?

Reach and let me know.

Keep making those dots ✌️

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