August 31, 2022

Part 3 : The trending design patterns & prints from summer 2022

Theren Moodley
Theren Moodley
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Saving the best till last, the third and final part of our series will focus on the design patterns and prints from Europe this summer 😍

I don’t know about you, but in general bright bold pattern design and prints seem to be everywhere at the moment.

From pattern design dresses, to art, sometimes symmetrical, sometimes chaotic, bold patterns seem to be everywhere in the consumer space, and as my previous blog  highlighted, this trend shows no sign of stopping, with bright design patterns making appearances in key fabrics for Fall-Winter 23-24 🍁

If you missed that, check it out here.

In summary however, we saw:

  • The print trends for 2023 - Abstract but decorative and folk folly were two print trends that we think will be big in 2023
  • The pattern trends for 2023 - Likewise, ornamental splendor and immersive flowers we see playing a part into 2023
  • What are different types of design patterns - The bolder and the more abstract the better seems to be the name of the game
Abstract but decorative pattern and print moodboard
Design patterns that were abstract but decorative

I'll be including a few example moodboards to give you some ideas when building out your collection.

Ready? Lets go 👇

👾 Abstract but decorative design patterns

Design patterns that were an abstraction that combined geological textures, wobbly lines and floral blots were the first key trend we came across at PV in particular 💮

Slightly random, chaotic, with jigsaws and collages, these pattern designs seemed to be the starting point for a new kind of camouflage of some kind.

As Y2K fashion and mullets appear to be back (wait what?! yes I know, don’t shoot the messenger shoot the barber) how long before we see camo back in our stores 👀

I hope I'm wrong, but you (unfortunately) heard it heard first.

Physical moodboard using patterns and prints
A few of the designers from Amanda Kelly checking out the design patterns

A couple of designers we recommend checking out who use this style of pattern are:

🌺 Folk folly design patterns

I’ll be real with you guys here. I’m not sure how I’d even go about describing this one 🙃

A bit of flowers, a bit of patterns, and a bit of scales that pulled in the eye into the patterns, within the patterns.

Either way it was a pattern design in particular I really liked this summer.

Combined with earthy brown and green tones, and dashes of reds and pinks, I could certainly see scarves, blouses, pattern design dresses and other assortments sporting this pattern design this Fall-Winter.

Check out my moodbooard below and here for how your pattern design moodboard using this pattern may look.

Folk folly pattern design idea moodboard
Folk folly pattern design idea moodboard

A couple of designers we recommend checking out who use this style are:

🏛 Ornamental splendor design patterns

When trying to figure out, what are the print trends for 2023, another really cool trend I loved this summer was the set of design patterns that harked back to yesteryear, combining highly elaborate geometric patterns and bold motifs.

This trend seemed to be a take on the season’s floral mood was crossed with historical references such as, Byzantine design patterns and influences 👑

Patterns that combined the decadence in homage to the splendor of the Byzantine era, introduced a more historical spin on ornaments that proudly showcased the luxurious universe.

Let’s just pretend we don’t how it ended for them #historyjoke 🤓

A couple of designers we recommend checking out who use this style are:

🌻 Immersive flowers design patterns

And last, but by absolutely no means least immersive flowers and floral arrangements we’re everywhere we looked in pattern design this summer 💐

Bouquet and fleurettes in bold, colourful design patterns, gave us all further evidence that this winter is going to be far from grey, dull and boring.

Amanda Kelly's collection of floral designs
Amanda Kelly's collection was 🔥🔥🔥

A few designers and studios in particular we recommend checking out in more detail:

🎁 Thats a wrap

And that’s it for now. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the last few blogs on our favourite fabrics, prints and design patterns for Fall-Winter 22-23, from Summer 2022.

If you’ve missed any of the previous blogs, or blogs out insights on the surface pattern industry, i’ve linked them below.

What design patterns or prints caught your eye?

What kind of pattern design will you be incorporating in your next projects?

Any other blogs or pieces you’d to see next?

Simply get in touch and let me know

Until the next time.

Keep making those dots 🤙🏾

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