August 10, 2022

Part 1 : Fabrics and patterns - the pattern design trends from the summer shows of 2022

Theren Moodley
Theren Moodley
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Now the European summer trade show season is over, for us anyway, I’ve compiled a list of the best highlights, looks and pattern design trends from this seasons shows in Paris and London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

The world of fabrics, and pattern design trends is every changing, and this year was no different.

We’ve seen geometric patterns, vector patterns, big flowing fits, and a return of pastel colours like purple and pink πŸ‘š

The first part of this series will take a look at the overview and highlights of the summer fabric design patterns.

In summary:

  • The 2022 pattern design trends - Florals, arty vibes and ornamental inspiration were all trends in the surface pattern world in 2022
  • The patterns and elements we saw - Watch out for folk folly, decorative abstraction and photographic elements
  • The pattern design trend that stood out the most - Florals and bright colors were everywhere we looked!

If you'd like check out our other content on fabric design patterns and pattern design trends, I've listed them below:

🧢 Pattern design trends for fabrics

Starting with fabrics, the season saw the return of fabrics with a powerful presence and personality for Fall-Winter 23-24.

From more grungy looks (did we mention the 00s were back πŸ‘€), to more disordered surfaces like honeycomb 🍯

Below is brief highlights of the trends of the season, along with some moodboard examples.

Exceptional grunge

Woolens, knits and fake-furs displayed more grungy looks this season. Torn-out, hairy wool jacquards that showed a rawer and cozier atmosphere for moodboards and outfits the coming colder months (Just not yet I hope #summerforever)😎

Darker, grungier tones for FW 23-24 in this pattern desi
Darker, grungier tones for Fall-Winter 23-24

Honeycomb constructions

The weavers and knitters have treated us to a season of fabrics with honeycomb textures of all kinds and sizes. This familiar structure is found in pique knits, woolens and sport cottons.

Strange softness

This is a trend that I can certainly get behind, with the new artificial skins being a reimagining of the micro-fiber peach skins of the 90s and early 00s πŸ‘

The powdery suede feeling is given a refresh in micro, crispy versions popping up in everything from active sports to silkies and examples of every fashion category in-between.

Emilie at PV sampling the textures
Emilie at PV sampling the textures

🌹 Pattern design trends for prints

Next up, what are the 2022 fabric design patterns, and pattern in elements of design that caught our attention this summer?

When we were searching for, and thinking about designing patterns, the return of bright bold patterns, colours and floral arrangements, brightened up the stands in the shows we visited πŸ›’

I've listed a of of these pattern design trends in particular below.

Decorative abstraction

Pattern design drawing this season lead to, geological textures, marble veins, wobbly lines, electric arches and floral blots were the main print types we saw, with more chaotic, jigsaws, collages and random terrazzo markings playing a big part of the samples 🧩

Check the moodboard example below showing some of the best decorative prints πŸ‘‡

Abstract colours and themes were name of the game in the pattern trends and design space
Abstract colours and themes were name of the game in the design patterns space


The art of photography

Another take way from this seasons patterns for design were fabric design patterns that fell somewhere between pop and surrealism.

This was the particular aesthetic of black and white photocopies, artisanal transfers, and series of screen prints in the style of Andy Warhol πŸ₯£

Stencils and landscapes
Stencils and landscapes


Folk folly

Another one of this season’s fabric design pattern trends saw calming and brown backgrounds, while the very large designs were languorously displayed with supple, almost softened contours.

Scales have been combined, and designs within patterns combining the very tiny with the very huge, tricking the eyes gaze 🌸

Detailed pattern design trends that combine the tiny and huge
Detailed pattern designs drawing that combined the tiny and huge


🎨 Pattern design trends for patterns

Immersive florals

Ever-present everywhere we looked this summer, we couldn’t get away from designing patterns that combined examples of flowers in the shows we visited 🌼

Bouquets and fleurettes attempted to transport viewers into a whimsical, highly colourful alternate universes, with their bold, colourful pattern design drawing.

Arty vibes

This was a range of fabric design patterns and design trends which used creative techniques that presented new ways of revisiting the timeless that included vegetation, camouflage and geometric patterns.

However, they were reimagined through expressive visuals, such as through the physical moodboard example below πŸ–Ό

A sample fabric moodboard from PV with some pattern design trends
A sample fabric moodboard from PV

Ornamental inspiration

A key theme through all the pattern design trends and fabric design patterns this summer was a return to splendour and opulence, with an appetite for ornamentation. Highly elaborate geometric patterns and pattern design drawing motifs, this take on the season’s floral mood was crossed with historical references such as, Byzantine design patterns and influences (more on this in a later blog) πŸ›

⏭ Up Next

Over the next few weeks I’ll be going into more detail into the fabrics, patterns design trends, and prints from summer, and will be providing more comprehensive details on the patterns and designs that caught our eye πŸ‘

For our content on fabric design patterns, and designing patterns, check out our other blogs below:

Until the next time.

Keep making those dots πŸ€™πŸΎ

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