April 6, 2023

Knitwear trends for Spring/Summer 2023

Theren Moodley
Theren Moodley
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April has come and spring has sprung, with our closet’s switched up to incorporate the lighter treads from the knitwear trends for spring / summer 2023.

Out go the wool sweaters and in come the light blouses.

This season’s trends are all about comfort.

So today, I’ll be taking you through the key knitwear trends for spring / summer 2023, as well as some advice on how to incorporate them into your look.

In summary:

  • Fluidity - this knitwear trend includes bio based synthetics and compositions best used in creating tops and dresses.
  • Openwork  -  this knitwear trend for spring summer 2023 includes mainly man-made compositions best used in swimwear, lingerie and dresses.
  • Construction knits - this trend for knitwear includes Natural man-made blends, best for sweatshirts, skirts & pants⁠.

Read on to discover more.

🧶 Fluidity - 1st knitwear trend for spring / summer 2023

Knitwear fabric compositions derived from bio-based synthetics lend a new fluidity to fleeces and foams with a suavely smooth feel.

With sustainability in mind, knitwear trends that include bio-based synthetics derived from agricultural waste are something we’ll see more in fabrics for 2023.

For knitwear trends for Spring / Summer 2023, ribs and jerseys are moving away from a purely cotton based compositions.

Synthetics were seen as a taboo in knitwear for a long time.

No longer.

New velvety fabrics that are refined, and have a soft sensual feel are also experiencing a revival.

Fluidify knitwear trend SS23
Fluidify knitwear trend SS23


  • Élasthanne
  • Polyester
  • Acrylique

Recommended usage

  • Zip-up sweatshirts or cropped hoodies that contain thicker thread counts for spring / summer
  • T-shirts that are on the smarter, more formal side, best used in smart casual settings
  • Spring summer knitwear dresses in lighter hues for afternoon early evening garden parties

Recommended vendors

🕳️ Openwork- knitwear trend number 2

A classic technique to knit garments openwork knits are another knitwear trend for Spring / Summer 2023 helping us all maximize breezes on those warm summer evenings.

The openwork knitwear trend can be seen in a multitude of styles for Spring / Summer 2023.

From statement crochet, lace and macrame, through to mesh and pointelle.

Net and resins can be redrawn and enlarged, with ladder hemstitching and carefully elaborated stripes are are reworked into sporty knits.

With airy ribs that can be opened like pleats will be everyone in this knitwear trend.

Crochet is set to feature in festival wear and vacation wear for Spring / Summer 2023.

Openwork knitwear trend for Spring/Summer 2023
Openwork knitwear trend for Spring/Summer 2023


  • Cotton
  • Élasthanne
  • Polyamide

Recommended usage

  • Beachwear throw overs that can be thrown over swimwear for days at the beach
  • Dresses that give off that boho sheek 1970s look that’s going to be everywhere for SS23
  • Sweater vests in a paired back bohemia or lace knit style paired with more formal trousers

Recommended vendors

👷🏾 Construction knits - knitwear trend 3

Knits stand ready to replace wovens! When solid and stabilized, knitted at high density, they lend themselves to more structured uses.

Piqués, ribbed knits and ottomans are denser, firmer, with a more muscular stretch for formalwear for Spring / Summer 2023.

Double knits in particular will be a knitwear trend for Spring / Summer 2023 with neat silhouettes in particular being common this season.

Bold, colourful hues in this knitwear are unsurprisingly going to be everywhere in construction knits this these warmer months.

Construction knits trend for Spring/Summer 2023
Construction knits trend for Spring/Summer 2023


  • Polyester
  • Autres Fibres
  • Élasthanne

Recommended usage

  • Sweatshirts that tend to air on the more formal side, while still being comfy and casual
  • Skirts in this knitwear trend for Spring / Summer 2023 that are versatile and long lasting
  • Formal trousers that can be worn during office hours, or to smarten up a more casual look

Recommended vendors

If you’ve missed any of the previous blogs, on the hottest fabrics and textiles, i’ve linked them below.


Knitwear trends for Spring / Summer 2023 are going to be all about comfort, warm colors and light fits.

From beachwear to formalwear we’ve left the days of uncomfortable outfits behind us, none for so than in knitwear trends.

Checkout some of the vendors we found to incorporate them into your closet this season.

Until the next time.

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