February 7, 2022

New Feature Release- New Comments Alert

Emilie Ho
Emilie Ho

Release for 5 Oct 2021

This week we improved the way you work with your fashion collaborators on your fashion moodboard by introducing a new email notification and you can also easily see which board has unread comments on the homepage. This way you'll never miss a beat when collaborating! Additionally, we're shipping:

  • Keyword shortcuts for styling text
  • Better support across different desktop and tablet screen sizes
  • A series of bug fixes to make sure your images cards will display nicely on the board
  • Usability improvements

New comments alerts

Every day at 9 am UTC, an email notification would be sent out to you if (and only if) other users who you have invited on your board have left you unread comments. We will remind you to go in and check. This reminder is only served once. We won't spam you.  

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
New comments

Find unread comments

Now when you go into your home dashboard, you will see a red dot on every board that has unread comments. Once you're on the fashion moodboard, the same red dot would appear on the comment icon on the toolbar as well as every card with unread comments.

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
Unread comments

Support for more screen sizes

By default, we have been supporting screen sizes of 1440px and 1920px or above resolutions. As we observed that some of you use 13" MacBooks with slightly smaller screen sizes, we have now improved the smaller screen sizes with 1028px and 1280px resolution. We want to ensure that your creative ideas can always be presented in the best light possible.

This applies to every aspect of the board: displaying images you upload, the text tool, and the color picker.

Auto-scroll to your activity on the board

The page will now auto-scroll to the relevant part of the board depending on your activity. For instance, when a new image card or color card is added, the page will scroll to the beginning of the Ungrouped Cards section. When you add a card to a new group, we will auto-scroll to that new group.

This way, it takes less mental effort for you to follow what is happening on the page.

autoscrolling on make the dot
Autoscrolling for new comments

Keyboard shortcuts for text styling

Now you can hold down Command (for Mac) or Ctrl (for Windows) and

  • B to turn highlighted text bold
  • I to turn highlighted text italic
  • U to turn highlighted text underline

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
Keyboard shortcuts


  • "Invite" button is now enabled when adding the second email - previously you could only invite one reviewer before getting stuck. This is now fixed.
  • Card count now corrected when uploading multiple images
  • Cards are no longer overlapping on iPad and when the screen width is smaller than 1440px
  • After changing the Group name, it is now reflected in the Filter when you try to filter a group

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