February 22, 2022

New Feature Release - Magical translation for your textile colors

Emilie Ho
Emilie Ho

Release for 10 Nov 2021

This week we have introduced the ability to resize any image, text or color on your board - helping you emphasize your key concept easily. On top of that, we are now helping you translate hex / RGB colors to the closest Pantone colors and you can edit any of your colors with ease.

Highlight your key concept by resizing your image/color/text

Simply drag the corners or the sides of a card to expand or collapse it.

Resizable cards to highlight key themes
Resizable cards to highlight key themes

Color translation between HEX and Pantone

Only have an HEX or RGB code on hand but need to communicate using the Pantone code? Now we automatically help you translate it to the closest Pantone hues for you to choose from.

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
Colour translation

Edit color with ease

Clicking on the pencil icon on the color card now allows you to adjust your color hues.

Edit colour hues easily
Edit your colour hues easily

Take a peek into what's on your board 👀

When you go to your Home Dashboard, you can now see a small preview of what's been added on each board. When you hover on it, you can also see details about which owner it belongs to and the last update date and time, making it easier to manage multiple boards.

Our new homepage, with hover preview of dates and timestamps
Sneak peak

Other small improvements...

  • Improvements in performance and image upload speed
  • Cards wouldn't overlap as you adjust the browser size

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