March 4, 2022

New Feature Release - Image preview and download

Emilie Ho
Emilie Ho

Release for 4 Mar

This week we have introduced a new way to preview and download images on Make the Dot - offering more flexibility when you're doing your research. In additional to that, there are new ways to download images - be it a single image or multiple images.

Image Preview

Now when you open up any of the images on your board, in additional to having the side panel that provides description, source link as well as comments, you will also find an image preview where you see the large version of the image that you've selected. You can easily zoom into the image to get a full-page view to see all the details or scroll through the thumbnails preview below to navigate to other images on the board.

Image preview on make the dot
Image preview
Zoomed in detail of the fabric
Zoomed in detail

Image Download

When you invite a collaborator to the board, perhaps they're part of the photography team or marketing intern in charge of your social media, they might need to download the images from the board to create other assets. In this scenario, they can either download a single image directly from the image preview panel or select multiple images from the board and download all of them at once.

Single image preview
Single image preview
Multiple image download
Multiple image download

As always, we'd love to hear about your feedback - what you love and don't love about Make the Dot. Leave us messages on the chat to let us know!

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