UX Improvements

Edit your board while seeing which cards have comments

This week we have made it more flexible for you to edit your board while checking comments. We have also improved the overall usability on tablets, helping you do your research on the go.

No more switching back and forth between moodboarding and checking comments - simply switch on Show Comments on the Toolbar and you can do both at the same time!

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
Show comments

Select cards easily on iPads

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
Easy select

After switching on Select Mode, you can select a card by simply tapping on it. Now it's easier to select and then group cards on iPads.

Edit image description and color name

When you are on the Details Panel of an image, you can now click this little edit icon next to Image Description to add your own notes.

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
Image description

Similarly, you can edit the name of a color through the Details Panel​. Try giving it a more colorful name!

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
Color name


  • The comment count on the card is now updated immediately after any comment is added
  • The detail panel will now open on one click when filter is applied
  • Image details is now shown in the details panel for newly uploaded images
  • Comments would not get hidden behind the input field when there are 6 or more comments
  • The page will now auto-scroll to just the beginning of the Ungrouped Cards section instead of all the way to the top when you upload new images.
  • "Drop your files" message will now disappear as soon as you start creating content in your board.