Sharing UI and Artboard Export Improvements

This week, we've made it clearer and easier to export and share your work from Make the Dot

  • We made it a lot clearer on how to share your board internally, and externally on the share pop-up menu
  • You can now export your artboard from the share menu
  • It's quicker and smoother to bulk upload images

New Share Popup

We made the copy and images on the share menu a lot clearer to understand, so you know exactly who you're sharing your board with, and wether they can edit it or not.

  • Avoid the sharing a read-only link to someone you want to edit your board
  • Easier for you to know which link is being copied + shared
  • Easy to understand what the other person can do to your board when you are sharing the board

Artboard Export

Exporting artboards just got even easier, as this can now be done in the share function.

Bug Fixes

  • You can bulk upload 50 or more images in more go, without affecting the speed of your board
  • New fix to ensure the image upload creates the 3 copies of images to be used and also aligning the image thumbnails & images on board with smaller images
  • We fixed main menu loading issues and improved menu queries, reduced to just one instead of multiple for board/preview cards