New Fabrics, Artboard Improvements, Improved Pinch to Zoom and Bug Fixes


  • We firstly improved the pinch to zoom speed on Make the Dot, to be slower at the lower % level and relatively faster (or remain the same) at higher % level so it's more intuitive to zooming speed at during the action
  • The demo board when you first signup for Make the Dot has been updated with fabric cards
  • Users can now select Artboard with keyboard shortcut (Command + Click (Mac) or Control + Click (Windows) to select and move the Artboard even when images cover the whole Artboard
  • Use esc to deactivate all tools on tool bar
  • New fabrics from Rex and Tannery loaded into the fabric library
  • Images are auto-attached to Artboard when the Artboard is resized or when a card (image, color, fabric, AI cutout) is added to an area where there’s an artboard underneath
  • The Artboard now has a grey line border, to make it easier to see

Bug Fixes

  • Can now export Artboards from Make the Dot regardless of their size