New Fabric Search and Tons of Other Improvements

New Fabric Search

  • We upgraded the entire fabric search experience allowing you to search for any keyword combinations, like:
    • Color+ Fabric Type (Examples: orange cotton, silver knit, pink silk)
    • Print + Fabric Type (Examples: black and white stripes, stripe jacquard)
    • Color or Print + Fiber
    • Product category (Examples: blazer, dress)
  • Material search is now x10 quicker than before
  • You can now search pattern as a keyword to see all patterned fabrics and solid to see all solid fabrics
  • You can also search by specific fabric composition - down to the percentage of the fiber content
Fabric combo search on Make the Dot
Fabric combo search on Make the Dot

General Fabric Library

  • To improve your visuals in the fabric library we've auto cropped all swatch images in the library into a square
  • We increased the upper range limit on fabric searches, which is now linked to real values in the database
  • Loading the fabric list in the library is now x6 quicker than before
  • We improved the fabric floating menu by adding spacing on the image / floating menu so it's easier to select the options on iPad
  • You now get a "Buy" button directly on every fabric page. This will make it easier for you to purchase the swatch or yardage directly from the supplier.
  • You can now search by both SKU ID and description
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate text in the search bar

Artboard and Canvas Improvements

  • You can now select any artboard by holding down the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key, this has also been added to the artboard label as a reminder. This is especially useful when you have collages filling the entire artboard area.
  • We've also made artboard multi-selection a lot quicker and easier. You can do that by drawing a selection box covering the entire surface area of the artboard, or you can hold down Shift to multi select artboards.
  • For all you writers out there, we spent a lot of time improving text. So it's quicker and less glitchy when you're writing
  • We have added a new feature suggestion board where you can vote for features that would improve your design workflow:
  • We have introduced a new Business plan for the product

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed tagging for recycled fabrics, so only fabrics that our recycled now appear in the search
  • Users can now copy/paste extension images on new accounts
  • We fixed the keyboard shortcut for searches within the filter
  • We fixed the edge case, where all canvas functions would freeze when clicking on the resizing anchors after using command / ctl key to select artboard
  • Fabric search now returns the correct results, and ranks the swatches correctly
  • We fixed a scrolling issue in fabric search
  • All suppliers can now be searched accurately in the fabric library
  • The UI was cleaned up, so there is no whitespace at the end of the scroll and after a search
  • Material type is now searchable
  • And we fixed the search for country of origin
  • Multiple artboard menu is now centered
  • Clearing search bar on the filter now clears ok
  • We fixed a bug where you're were unable to resize text after resizing and changing font
  • Fabric resize is now applied to all fabrics
  • You previously cannot continuously create a text card on a desktop web. This has now been fixed.
  • Filter returned the same record multiple times is now fixed
  • Broken filter combos are now fixed
  • Fabric list view now shows full results after clearing search
  • The thumbnail in the library now displays the right thumbnail