Lower min zoom %, free trial and bug fixed

Product Updates

  • We updated the zoom percentage so that zooming in to your board below 10% (eg 10% and below) is now possible. Allowing you to better zoom into certain details on your board
  • The on-boarding flow, banners and usage limitations have now been updated to reflect the new 7-day free trial pricing plan
  • Board width has been increased to 80000 px, which is an enhancement to cater for situations larger than that
  • Pro users can now update the quantity of Pro subscriptions in the subscription page
  • Pop-up copy on the "share" feature has now been updated to distinguish between read-only and editable
  • Upgrade confirmation page background has been changed to white

Bug Fixes

  • Not auto closing login modal for new user via extension (clicked on sign up again)
  • Pinch to Zoom bug - wrong mouse location being picked up