Home Dashboard Improvement

Home Dashboard Improvement

We have just introduced an improvement to the home page to allow sharing and renaming your boards. As we saw that more of you are now navigating between multiple boards, this will hopefully make that easier. Additionally you can now export your boards into PDFs or PNGs.

Home dashboard improvement on make the dot

Public Board Image Zoom

In addition to the home page improvements, we have also just enabled zooming capability for images on public boards.

Export Your Board

Export your board into PDFs or PNGs when you prefer to save the board as a static file. If you have any GIFs on your board, we recommend sharing as a public link instead.

Sharing and exporting your fashion moodboard on make the dot
You can access the Share panel on both the Home Dashboard and the board editor directly

Bug Fixes

We have also squashed a few bugs:

  • When images are not saved properly, it will no longer affect viewing and editing your whole board
  • The iPad version of the image preview is now displayed correctly
  • After resetting password, you should now be redirected back to the app