Fabric Library

This week we released a brand new fabric library - allowing you to look for supplier's fabrics, manage your own as well as add them to your board.

Features include:

  1. 1000+ built-in supplier fabrics - With over 160+ fabric types and 35+ pattern types for you to choose from. All fabrics are delivered to the US. Deadstock and recycled fabrics available.
  2. Buy direct or contact the supplier - We have listed the supplier's name and specific product website for you to directly buy from. Want to ask them questions? There's a Contact Supplier function right within the app.
  3. Filter, Sort & Search - Easily find what you're looking for using our filter, sort and search functions.
  4. Mange your own fabrics - For Pro members, you can member your own fabrics under your library.
  5. Use supplier's fabrics as a template - For Pro members, you can save the supplier fabrics you like to your own library. You can also use it as a template to build your own library.
Fabric library on Make the Dot