Eyedropper to detect colors from images

Turn on the eyedropper from the toolbar and start picking colors from any of the images on your board. When you're done building your palette, just press ESC (escape) on your keyboard to switch it off.

Eyedropper colour detection function
Eyedropper to detect colour from images

Auto apply text styling

As we noticed many of you tried to apply the font style without highlighting the text, we have now auto-applied the font style to the whole set of text. Keyboard shortcuts for bold (command + b), italic (command + i) and underline (command + u) would work the same way.

Make the Dot- Online Fashion Moodboard
Auto styling

Dynamically sized cards

Now as you resize your browser or switch between different monitors or devices, the cards within your board would be automatically scaled to fit the browser, while retaining the overall layout.

Other small improvements...

  • Improved speed performance of loading Pantone library
  • Improved performance of bulk image upload
  • Checkboxes should now appear on the cards when "Select Mode" is switched on, making it clearer for you to distinguish between the different modes
  • Fixed a series of small bugs such that your reviewers would now correctly see your board after you've resized the images, text, or colors

Also, learn how to incorporate this feature in your moodboard with our guide on how to create fashion moodboard.