Chrome Extension Improvements

This week we're releasing a range of improvements across the chrome extension as well as performance upgrade and bug fixes.

Chrome Extension Improvements

  • When you collapse the side panel, you can now drag the icon around as you continue to select images across web pages. This will provide more flexibility when you save references at scale.
Dragging the collapsed Make the Dot extension icon across the screen
  • When you save images, the side panel would now auto close
Auto closing the side panel after you save images to board
  • When you create new boards from the extension, hitting Enter after entering the board name would automatically save the images to that board, saving you 1 click.
  • To avoid confusion, when you select the extension icon from the extension menu on a web page that has no images, it will now open the side panel or redirect you to the log in page as opposed to having no response.
  • After you navigate to the Settings tab in the extension and close the side panel, you'll be redirected back to the main page the next time you open the panel as opposed to being stuck on the Settings page.

Other Improvements on the Web App

  • We have added placeholder cards when you upload images that will show you the upload progress. It is also easier for you to know where they're located as they are getting loaded.
  • We've added a loading animation and progress bar when you first load a board such that once the board is fully loaded, your experience would be smoother.
  • Performance improvement for selecting and deselecting cards, and using Eyedropper to create color cards

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • When you upload multiple images and when they finish loading, all the images are now being correctly selected such that you can immediately rearrange them
  • Board thumbnails would previously disappeared after you rename a board from the main menu. This has now been resolved.
  • Closing the Support Chat previously would bring you to a different part of the canvas. This has now been fixed.
  • When you upload a file that is not currently supported, the rest of the images would be correctly uploaded as opposed to the whole batch failing. New notification message has also been added to highlight the impacted file(s).