Canvas, Artboard and Text Color

Background Color

  • Change the colors of the full canvas and Artboards from HEX, RGB and Pantone
  • Choose from solid and gradient colors, with up to 5 gradient color options, 360 degree angle rotations and gradient reversal
  • To keep the color selection window clean and clear, recent gradients will be capped at 3 lines, with the only gradients saved that being ones that stop position, rotate the angle or flip the gradient
  • Save your recent color creations to build your own personal color palette
  • Save recent color cards created with eyedropper to your recent colors that can be used on backgrounds
  • Navigate between different solid, gradient and recent color creations to visualize and experiment with color concepts
  • Background colors will be exported in Artboard PNG, PDF and public boards

Text Color

  • Choose from solid text colors, with recently colors available in the same way as background colors
  • Dark Mode is activated when your background is dark (the composition is 60% a dark color), so text will intuitively default to white, so you'll never loose your story
  • This Dark mode will apply to snap to grid lines, public board names and other important text and sit on black backgrounds

Other Updates

  • We improved the zoom speed, with the zoom speed accelerating as the zoom % goes up, and decelerating as the zoom % goes down
  • Editors can now "leave a board" they are collaborating on, with new enhancement avoiding editors on a broad accidentally deleting the board for everyone when their intention was only for them to remove themselves