Bug Fixes and Improvements - Text and Tablet

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve made a load more updates on text, including fixing the resize text mode, which previously got stuck, as well as overall fixing text usage on your tablet
  • But we didn’t stop there with tablet improving the overall experience, including some of the most common usage bugs, getting eye dropper and text tool working again, and making sure flipping your board is smooth and easy
  • Next, we solved an edge case, whereby the images you added using our Chrome Extension would not be added directly underneath your existing content
  • We also improved inviting an editor to your board, which is now no longer case-specific
  • We fixed some issues in our backend, so drop and-drop of cards are now updating our database
  • Finally, we’ve measurement preferences visible again in the dropdown menu for on the settings console, saving your preferences for you


  • As we’re focusing on providing the best product for fashion schools, only fashion school email domains can sign up to experience our product, using the non-google sign-up flow
  • We’ve improved the UI on the browser extension so that it’s easier to understand wether your extension is on or off