Bug Fixes and Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Saving GIFs to your board via the Chrome Extension is now fixed, and no longer corrupts the board
  • We've fixed an issue on open and close pop-up, whereby the open & close share pop-up and then press & hold spacebar would open the pop-up again
  • There was an occasional bug for changing the name on color cards that has now been fixed
  • We've also fixed the Zoom to Fit function on public boards
  • As well as details/ comments not closing when clicking panmode
  • There was an issue where cards that we already selected would not highlight using Select All - this has been solved, as well as the rest of the Select All function
  • Eyedropper now fully works again on resized images
  • A few of you reported that there was some glitches on the text function, including the drawing selection - we've changed the way text cards are saved so this has now been resolved
  • When on-boarding, if you'd complete the sign-up form and leave the page idle for 5min, there was an error message - this has been fixed
  • Finally, you can now fully update your Make the Dot profile picture, if you've created your account using an email (rather than signing via your google account)


  • We've improved the UI copy on our main menu, to better address your workflow and pain points
  • Last but not least, as we know a lot of you are using your board in mobile form we've improved the image upload function, so the flow is smoother and cleaner - allowing you to add content wherever you may be