Browser Extension Improvements

Browser Extension Improvements

We've just introduced a range of improvements to the Chrome extension based on the initial feedback that we got from some of you.

New things that you'll see in the latest version:

  • You can directly create boards from the browser extension
  • During days when you're not actively researching, you can optionally hide the "save" button from webpages
  • The source url link for the images will now redirect you to the original webpage where you saved the image
  • Resolved login issues
  • Real-time time for comments

New settings page to optionally hide the "save" button

During days when you're not actively researching, you can choose to hide the "save" button on webpages. If you see an image you like, you can still right-click on the image to save it.

Other than that, you can easily navigate to your home dashboard from the settings tab, provide feedback or read user articles from our help center.

A way to hide the save button on moodboard
No more save button getting in the way of things

Source URL link for images

The source url link that you find in the image side panel is now bringing you to the specific webpage where you saved the image

Easy to reference the source
Now it's easier to reference the source

When you're saving images from our browser extension, all the images would now show up in automatically in all the browser tabs that are open without needing to refresh them.

Bug Fixes🐞🪓

  • We heard about some login issues with the extension requiring you to login but wouldn't bring you to the login panel. That has now been resolved.
  • When you land on the extension installation success page, the login panel should now stay open for you to login
  • Previously changes to the Pantone color name would not get saved, now this is working normally.
  • After using the Eyedropper to detect colors, you can now resize your cards normally
  • We also fixed some display issues with loooong comments.

Also, learn how to incorporate this feature in your moodboard with our guide on how to create fashion moodboard.