Auto Image Highlight from 'Save to Make the Dot'

Auto Image Highlight from 'Save to Make the Dot'

Image highlight via Save to Make the Dot

Today we released a new UX improvement to help you instantly find any images that you save via our Chrome Extension Save to Make the Dot.

Instead of sending the extension images to the same location on the board every time, they will now be placed underneath your existing cards on the board. Regardless of whether you have your board open when you're using the extension, new images will be highlighted and zoomed so it will be hassle-free when you use them to build your board. You've seen the highlight and no longer want it visible? Just click anywhere on the canvas and it will be gone.

Other bug fixes:

  • Copying and pasting email addresses to the Share popup is now working normally for inviting editors to the board
  • When using the Chrome extension, right-clicking on an image to 'Save to Make the Dot' is now correcting adding it to the extension panel