New Features

🔮 AI-Cutout

Bringing magazine cutout to 2024 with the power of AI.

Remove the background of ANY image, simple or complex, to begin creating your collage

Unlike other generic background removal tools, which lets the machine 🤖 decides what the foreground/background is in a photo, our AI Cutout feature allows you to have that control. As a result, we're able to handle complex images with much more flexibility.

Crop mask silhouette of image

Create silhouette masks by removing the foreground on images

AI Cutout background

Select and cut out specific elements from an image, such as faces, hats, or bags

Crop certain areas of i

Crop images to any shape or size

Crop image to any shape or size

🫰Object Snapping

A new way for cards to be lined up and snapped to other objects on the board.

Purple dotted lines help users align content on their board, allowing for faster organization.

object alignment

🐞 Other bugs we squashed and changes

  • Keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste logic from the clipboard - Where when a user selects a card or multiple cards, and then uses the keyboard shortcut Ctrl (Windows) / Command (Mac) + X, the selected card(s) would be deleted and copied to the clipboard. When they then use the Paste shortcut (Ctrl / Command + V), they can paste the card(s) from the clipboard
  • UI enhancement on the fabric library to improve spacing between the buttons. giving a cleaner UI to users
  • Extension improvements to stop it affecting content on other 3rd party websites
  • 200 materials added from Rex and Tannery NYC leather providers
  • We added upgrade option to Artboard for Start tier users
  • Artboard is now no longer counted as a card towards the total card count
  • Security upgrades to prevent mail snooping from email domain
  • Fix UI text bug on Ipad that was showing the text size outside of the container
  • Fixed a bug where the text card was being sent to the top left of the board when undoing spreadout
  • Fixed a bug where clicking download single image button from floating menu does not open the upgrade popup for Starter tier users
  • Updated the artboard menu UI to fix bugs and improve overall layout and readability
  • Improved UI toolbar spacing + remove comment tool
  • Bug fixed for users with cancelled subscriptions not being downgraded from Pro to basic
  • Fixed a bug around spread out, so it is back fully working again
  • Bug fix on crop floating menu on iPad, where the cropping on iPad, where if the user is cropping one of the images and then clicks on another card, they’re able to interact with the other card (e.g. open the Details popup) and the original image is still in crop mode
  • Blocked keyboard shortcuts on the canvas when the following actions are taking place; fabric search, fabric record edit/creation page, color search + color name, board name, card details, share popup, zoom %, comment, password reset under Settings
  • Bug to fix to allow users to deselect tools on the tool bar
  • Bug to fix to allow cropped images that cannot be exported correctly on artboards