18 Little Big Updates

18 Little Big Updates

This week, we have just released a series of new updates - many of which were feature / design suggestions from you 💜

1. Card Rotation

Rotate images, colors and texts

Card Rotation

2. Multi-card resizing

All card types would resize proportionally. For text, the font size changes as you do multi-resize.

Multi-card resizing

3. Copy from any website, paste to upload

You can copy either text or image from any website, paste in Make the Dot to create a card

Copy from any website, paste to upload

4. Copy and paste across boards

Copy 1 or many cards from one board to another - across all card types with the layout retained

Copy and paste across boards

5. Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨️

On top of the existing copy/paste/duplicate and undo/redo shortcuts, we’ve added the followings:

  • Turn Text tool on/off
  • Turn Eyedropper on/off
  • Zoom to fitUp / down key to move card
  • Select all
  • Bring to front
  • Bring Forward
  • Send to Back
  • Send Backward
  • Hold shift to proportionally resize color cards
  • Holding Command/Ctrl to open board or main menu in new page

Full list of keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

6. Improvements 🎁

  • UX update: duplicated cards now appear slightly to the bottom right of the original cards, so you can tell that it’s been copied
  • UX update: when you activate Move, you can pan the canvas without accidentally dragging any of the images
  • UX update: we would automatically calculate the width of the selection frame for text. Text editor also comes with a predefined line break, so when you’re copying a large text, it’ll be easier to read the pasted text
  • Fix: copy Pantone code to color name
  • Fix: browser extension display issue on external websites
  • New loading animations

7. Changes to the Pro✨ Plan

  1. We’ve added a higher quality export level for Pro plan users and now exports from the free plan accounts will contain a watermark
  2. The image download feature is now a Pro Plan feature
  3. For new users, the card limit will be 60 cards. There are no changes to existing users' card limits.
Make the Dot Pro

Note: While GIF files are supported, we will no longer support webp fomat files.