August 10, 2022

Join Make the Dot's Private Beta Program

Theren Moodley
Theren Moodley

Join creatives from our the world in our private beta community 🌍

Make the Dot is 8 months old 🐣 Wow, doesn't time fly 🦅

And in those 8 months, we’ve spent all our time speaking to creatives from all over the world, learning about their workflow and pain-points and trying to build our moodboard app to help.

That’s why, when we say Make the Dot is built for creatives, by creatives we mean it 👷‍♀️

It’s because of this constant feedback loop, and the strides we’d been able to take as a result of the valuable feedback our community has provided to us, that we feel the time is right to open up our moodboard app to a wider cohort of users.

If you’d rather skip the detail and join our program immediately- Great, you can do that here.

However, for the rest of you I’ll explain what the program means below 👇

ps. all the benefits mentioned are only available to our private beta members.

🤔 What is make the dot?

Make the Dot is an all-in-one online moodboard maker trusted by a creative beta community from around the world.

Our community feedback and research shows Make the Dot improves users productivity around 30%, giving them more time to be creative.

Urban camping moodboard created with Make the Dot
Camping or Glamping?

🥳 Beat the waitlist, start creating first

Get early access to all our new features and updates.

So far, we’ve been very selective in who we’ve on-boarded onto our app, to ensure the highest possible quality of feedback, as well as our ability to deliver on a roadmap resulting from all that valuable information 🔬

The downside to this however, is creatives not in our program haven’t had the chance to benefit from the productivity gains, resulting from using our app 📈

Every day spent using design tools that aren’t specifically built for your workflow is time wasted on being unproductive.

By joining today, creatives have the opportunity to immediately hack their productivity and gain efficiency in their creative process ⚙️

Early access to new features as part of the make the dot beta program

🖌 Built for creatives, by creatives

Have a significant voice is shaping our product.

So far, we’ve conducted over 200 research interviews with creatives from every continent 🌎

It’s this valuable and consistent feedback that let’s us know we’re moving in the right direction, and building the correct features to improve our user’s workflow.

However, once we’re out of private beta and we have a wider user base, we will be moving towards more in-frequent feedback surveys and we will no longer be doing our frequent workshop calls ☎️

By joining our program today, while we’re still in private beta, creatives have the rare chance to build an app that fits in with their workflow and its pain points 🦾

feature suggestions in make the dot beta program

😁 Personal guidance every step of the way

24x7 premium support.

Who doesn't love personalised support and around the clock VIP treatment?

I certainly do 🙋🏽‍♀️

And it’s this personal service and tailor made requests that our current private beta members have experienced the past 9 months.

From custom image resizing, to video tutorials and walk-throughs. We’ve tried to be an online butler for our app, catering to whatever request may arise.

Once we move our of private beta and launch publicly, this 24/7 support will continue, but we will be doing no more custom requests or tailor-made services.

Creatives joining today, therefore get to experience this same personalised support throughout their design journey.

24/7 support in the make the dot private beta program

🤑 Lifetime discount and subscription credit

All the above plus a real dollar saving.

Saving the best till last, our special beta offer of 7 days free trial, followed by a price of $8 per month will be lower than our public price, meaning by joining today, creatives will see a real saving in their bank accounts.

Additionally, by gaining $8 subscription credit for every friend that also joins our app, creatives have the chance of using our app for free, simply by spreading the word!

lifetime discount in the make the dot private beta program

A maximised workflow ahead of everyone else, 24/7 premium support and a real dollar saving, just by joining our beta program today?! Win, Win, Win!

Simply sign-up today to give our app a try and join creatives from around the world in hacking their productivity with Make the Dot.

So why wait?

Everything starts from a dot ✌️

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