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Make the Dot was founded to help fashion teams' creative ideas succeed without the long process time. Telling compelling visual stories on moodboards and bringing a fashion collection to life should be easy without spending days on downloads or email chains.

Fashion teams consists of so many responsibilities and roles that each play a huge part. It is the hours of conversations between design teams, the line reviews, the false starts. It is the flashes of inspiration, the multiple design sketch iterations, the handoff of specifications, and everything in between.

That is why we are building a workspace where designers can manage their moodboards and research process online all-in-one place in half the time. Make the Dot is a simple solution where fashion designers can visually plan aesthetic moodboards and share their inspiration easily and effortlessly. That way, more teams will turn their creative ideas into a reality and more importantly, have fun while doing it.

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We believe that creating fashion is a team sport and that it has to be collaborative, efficient, and effective. Creating a moodboard with Make the Dot helps to unify and simplify the fashion design concept to consumer workflow. Once we do this, fashion designers, merchandisers, buyers, color designers and the rest of the team will save tons of time and create more fashion products that their customers love.

We built this easy-to-use single web software platform to help fashion brand owners stay on top of their workload without all the multiple apps.  Make the Dot helps you create inspiring moodboards within minutes, drag and drop unlimited content, group collections and add color swatches from our Pantone library, then share to your clients in just a few clicks.

We believe that making fashion creation accessible to everyone is essential. Brand owners should be able to take full control of their fashion business and create moodboards with more flexibility whenever, wherever. Going digital with moodboards means it's never been easier to collect inspiration, create and share your designs, whether in the office or working remotely.
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