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As we’re still in private beta, you have the opportunity to get a head start on the future of creation by joining our program now. Gain exclusive access for preferential feature updates, content and the chance to feature your work on our media channels.
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An app built for creatives, by creatives

By joining our program, you will have a huge influence on what we build next to eliminate your painpoints and improve your workflow. We carry out feature suggestion surveys and optional feedback calls once a week.
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Personal guidance, every step of the way

We believe the best software works hand-in-hand with human guidance and support. That is why our program members get a direct line to us 24/7, for whatever request may arise.
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Get exclusive access and help shape the future of creation

Join today and you’ll gain access to our private beta program and all its benefits for a discounted rate compared to when we launch publicly.

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Who is the program aimed at?
Make the Dot is uniquely positioned to help creatives thrive! Be it fashion designers, pattern designers, stylists or artists.
Why should I join this membership?
To save yourself some headspace and time! When all your creative ideas and inspirations are in one place, it saves you the headache and allows you to focus on the creative and fun part of your work 🎨 (and also there is a lifetime discount right now).
What does the membership include?
Other than the exclusive benefits of having early access and premium support, you will be able to use Make the Dot on your desktop and tablet browsers, as well as our browser extension Save to Make the Dot.
What happens when my trial ends, but I don’t want to continue?
You can contact us at any point during your trial in case you'd like to deactivate your account. Before the trial ends, you will be able to export all the boards that you create during the trial.
How do I get the referral credit?
For every friend / colleague that you recommend to us, upon successful confirmation of their sign-up, you will receive $8 referral credit (equivalent of 1 month of FREE membership!)
Can I exchange my referral credit for cash?
Referral credit cannot be exchanged for cash, but you can choose when to redeem it.
Can't decide yet and wanna find out more? Book a quick call below to see a demo. We have enjoyed getting to know every single one of our beta users and their creative process.