SCAD student Sergeo shows how Make the Dot saved him 7 hours per week in his concept design

Hours Saved per Week
X Better Storytelling with Text
% Better Final Concept Board

Sergeo Jackson's attends Savannah College of Art and Design. His major is Fashion Marketing and he loves to create and draw.

Can you share a bit about your background and what you've been focusing on in your studies?

Hello, my name is Sergeo Jackson and I attend Savannah College of Art and Design at the Atlanta Campus as a sophomore. My major is Fashion Marketing and I love to create and draw!

Who is your favorite fashion designer or artist, and how have they influenced your work?

Not to be corny, but it's actually my Mom.

Growing up and seeing her mood boards and mind maps inspired me to always write my ideas down and save them for later.

Starting from 1 word and branching out into other ideas/ suggestions stemming from it is very common for us both.

How would you describe your design style?


Starting from one side of the page to another with color, directional lines, and images.

Talk me through your design process before you discovered Make the Dot?

I would jot down ideas on paper very messy for anyone that's not me.

Make The Dot allows me to better showcase my ideas and concepts to my partners, professors, and classmates due to the ease this domain provides.

How has Make the Dot changed your approach to concept design and building moodboards?

The usage of text.

Now I can explain and add notes to further explain my visual concepts and choices.

SCAD concept board with Make the Dot

What was the main benefit that you received from using Make the Dot?

I saved about 7 hours a week in my workflow when I'm doing my assignments.

In what ways has the extra time helped you?

More time to for actual discussions with my partners on projects on the concepts because now we have all our ideas visually communicated in one place.

What kind of project are you planning on doing / what kind of brands are you planning on working for after graduation?

I don't always design garments but when I do, this would help me organize my project, designs and concepts, for an overall better result!

After graduation I plan to work under smaller contracts with brands so the tasks I will do may vary.

However, lets say I have to organize a runway or brand campaign with the selections of fabrics, I have plenty of space and can organize / plan what textiles I wanna see on models / what poses they'll do and more!

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