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Naomi's journey into fashion design started in her teens, inspired by the transformative power of clothing. At Fashion Institute of Technology, she's honed in on sustainable fashion. She finds it fascinating to explore how fashion can be both a form of self-expression and also a force for environmental good at the same time.

Naomi, as a senior student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, can you share a bit about your background and what you've been focusing on in your studies?

Certainly! I'm in my final year at FIT, with a major focus on sustainable fashion design. My academic journey has been centered around the intersection of style and sustainability. I've delved into learning about eco-friendly materials, ethical production methods, and designing with a minimal environmental impact. My goal is to create fashion that's not just aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious and responsible.

Who is your favorite fashion designer or artist, and how have they influenced your work?

Conner Ives is my favorite designer. His approach to sustainability, combined with a cool, all-American vibe, is incredibly inspiring. His use of repurposed materials to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces really resonates with my design ethos. His contrasting panel dresses, crafted from vintage T-shirts, show how sustainable fashion can be vibrant and contemporary. This approach has influenced me to think creatively about materials and to see the potential in reimagining existing garments.

As a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, how has Make the Dot transformed your approach to concept design and building moodboards?

Make the Dot has completely revolutionized my design process. It's streamlined the way I organize and visualize my ideas. The platform allows me to create dynamic moodboards, blending images, fabrics, and colors effortlessly. It's a great tool for conceptualizing designs and has become an integral part of my creative workflow.

Can you walk us through your process of using Make the Dot for a specific project?

For my project on 'Urban Sustainability', I began by collecting images of cityscapes, recycled materials, and urban fashion. Using Make the Dot, I uploaded these elements and started playing with different compositions. The platform's flexibility allowed me to experiment with various themes and colors until I found the perfect arrangement that captured the essence of urban sustainability.

One of Naomi's projects exploring the intersection between cyberpunk comics, neon lights and a dystopian future themed collection

How does Make the Dot facilitate collaboration with your peers and instructors?

The collaborative aspect of Make the Dot is fantastic. I can share my moodboards with classmates and instructors in real-time, receiving instant feedback and suggestions. This collaborative process is invaluable, especially for group projects, as it allows for a seamless exchange of ideas and creativity.

What features of Make the Dot do you find most beneficial for your fashion design projects?

The vast library of textures and patterns is incredibly beneficial. It gives me access to a wide range of materials that I can incorporate into my designs. Additionally, the ability to integrate web images directly is a huge time-saver, allowing me to add contemporary elements to my moodboards quickly.

How has Make the Dot influenced your creativity and design thinking?

Make the Dot has encouraged me to push the boundaries of my creativity. It has opened up new ways of thinking about design, enabling me to experiment with concepts and aesthetics that I wouldn't have considered before. It's a tool that not only aids in the design process but also enhances creativity.

In what ways do you think Make the Dot could be improved to better serve fashion students?

Integrating a feature for automatic color palette generation based on moodboard elements would be a great addition. Also, a mobile app would be extremely useful for capturing and editing inspirations on the go.

Looking at the broader picture, how do you see Make the Dot impacting the fashion industry?

Make the Dot has the potential to significantly impact the fashion industry by streamlining the creative process. It fosters innovation and collaboration, which could lead to more groundbreaking designs and a quicker design cycle. It's a tool that benefits not just students but also professionals in the fashion industry.

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