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Ascot's Father was born from a simple yet powerful idea - distinctive elegance.

Terrance Cook, an alumnus of FIT, runs this high-end brand with a focus on designing refined prints on the finest silk for the world's most sophisticated gentlemen.

The brand's core focus is on timelessness and craftsmanship, with each piece containing a complex narrative.

The Challenge: Streamlining a Complex Creative Process

In the world of high-end luxury, the story behind each creation is as vital as the product itself. Terrance, a visionary in this realm, faced a significant hurdle. His process of weaving the narrative of his brand was mired in inefficiencies: a disjointed workflow, repetitive tasks, and a plethora of tools. This not only drained his time and energy but also hindered his ability to focus on what truly mattered - growing his brand and captivating new customers.

Terrance's journey began with a concept brief, followed by extensive research. He would save content locally, categorize it meticulously, and then dive into Illustrator to craft his moodboard. This process involved deleting duplicates, building color stories, and navigating through various platforms like WGSN and Pantone for color codes. The constant download and re-upload of content was a tedious cycle, repeated at least six times for a single project.

This cumbersome process was more than just time-consuming; it was a barrier to sharing the essence of his craft, a key ambition for Terrance.

The Transformation: A Unified Platform for Creativity and Efficiency

The discovery of Make the Dot marked a turning point for Terrance. His curiosity about this platform stemmed from a desire to streamline his workflow, reduce tool dependency, and enhance his storytelling, especially on social media.

Make the Dot emerged as a game-changer. It consolidated his inspiration, color story, and design concepts into a single, efficient platform. The browser extension and integrated Pantone library eradicated the need for cumbersome downloads and uploads, smoothing out his workflow significantly.

Color, a critical element of Terrance's brand, was now easier to manage. The platform's color picker tool allowed for swift extraction of color codes, converting them into Pantone TCX codes ready for vendor communication. This not only saved time but also prevented manufacturing errors.

Moreover, Terrance's background in textile design meant that visualizing fabric swatches was a crucial part of his creative process. Previously, this involved a laborious process of sourcing visuals from Instagram and other platforms. Make the Dot's Fabric Library, linked to renowned physical stores, brought this element into his workflow much earlier, eliminating redundant steps and fostering a seamless integration of ideation and fabric sourcing.

The Outcome: Enhanced Storytelling and Brand Growth

The impact of Make the Dot on Terrance's workflow was profound. By reducing tool dependency and eliminating repetitive tasks, he saved significant time, which he redirected towards refining his visual storytelling and brand narrative. This focus was not just a personal victory but a strategic move that resonated with his audience on social media.

The Artboard feature of Make the Dot particularly stood out. It allowed Terrance to create social media-ready segments of his content effortlessly, a stark contrast to his previous, cumbersome process. This ease of sharing enabled him to connect with his audience more effectively, wherever he was.

Terrance's testimonial speaks volumes. The behind-the-scenes content, now easier to create and more aligned with his craft's narrative, has not only enhanced his brand value but also brought his artisanship to the forefront. Within six months of integrating Make the Dot into his workflow, Terrance observed a tangible growth in his brand and audience, translating into increased customer acquisition.

In summary, Make the Dot didn't just streamline Terrance's creative process; it opened new avenues for storytelling, audience engagement, and brand growth, marking a new chapter in his journey of crafting timeless elegance.

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